Thursday, February 28, 2013

Community Offerings and Opportunities

I am always pleasantly surprised to find new things happen in my community. Such an abundance of classes, events and fun things to do no matter how old or young you are. Now these opportunities may not be hitting-you-in-the-face-obvious - you sometimes have to search them out - but still very awesome. Part of the frustration and surprise. We are a get-out-and-go type of family so these are always right up our alley.

Some recent things we have found are:

In the past we have enjoyed:

  • Free gardening classes at a local library
  • Free sewing classes at a local library
  • Free ornament decorating session at a local library around the holiday time where Delaney and I could make and take home an ornament
  • Going Green classes at a local library complete with "green" freebies like CFL lightbulbs, water reducing showerheads, outlet insulators and more!
  • Adult Easter Egg Hunts
  • Rentable Plots at Community Garden
  • Perrenial Plant Exchanges
  • The lists goes on and on!

So fun to get out of the house, meet new people, and learn something new!

Do you know about the local resources right under your own nose? Go check out your local library's and community center's or YMCA's websites (and in the next town or two over) - you might be surprised what you find!

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