Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Hour Sentiments

Celebrating my baby's one year birthday just about broke my heart. How did it go by so fast?? I didn't quite realize how sentimental I would get until the day before  - I would constantly look at the clock and think about what was going on that day at that time. Going to the doctor at 8am, finding out there was a tear and was leaking fluid, going to the hospital, getting the pictocin drip, contractions starting, asking for an epidural at 6pm, not getting an epidural until 7pm, pushing at 10pm, etc etc.

I caught myself eagerly trying to snap pictures of my little one - last pictures before she is officially a year old!

Then as the evening wore on and on - I became more and more aware of what was happening. My baby is turning one. One year. It has been one whole year - already.

I crept into the bedroom around her birth hour 12:46am and quietly picked up my little preciously, sweet, sleeping little one and held her close as I cried silent, happy, sad, sentimental mommy tears.


Thimbleanna said...

Awww, you made me cry! I'm sorry to say time will just speed up -- cherish it while you can! Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!

Sarah Pead said...


And the tears flowed. Such a beautiful post.

Kristi said...

So beautifully said, Stacy.