Friday, July 22, 2011

Wrap Review: Jelly Bean

Our little one loves to be carried! For the first couple of weeks/months of her life she practically lived in her bjorn - forward facing on our chest. We tried the Moby - no such luck - too complicated to get one and once you got it on she hated it. I think it was a little too constricting for her to tucked into so many folds - and with on piece of fabric kind of going across her head. Not to mention that is practically one length of at least (what seems like) 52 feet of fabric that you have to crazy ninja fold on yourself. I watched SO many videos and tutorials about different ways to tie it and how to put it on - but it never did click. Sigh.

So that was a good $50 - oh well. I tried a friend's ring/sling but at the time it just felt to big and loose for Delaney.

Flash forward to 8-9 months and now our little mobilesta is not having the confining restraints of the bjorn. Instead of feeling awesome in it - oh she would quiet down so well in that thing - she now grimaces and kicks. I am holding her a lot on my hip now - which is a tad straining on the arms while trying to weed, do dishes, laundry, get the mail etc. So I have been eying different slings and wraps for a while now.

Then I happened to be browsing through Target - imagine that! - and saw a partially opened package for a $20 one piece sling that came in various sizes Small, Medium and Large I think. So I opened the package - it was a repackage/return, and tried it on right there in the aisle - even put the baby in it and walked around! I am sure that the staff were starting to eyeball me in their security cameras, but I wanted to try it out first. That was the biggest thing with all the slings, carriers, baby stuff in general. You don't know if you'll like it or not till you get home and try it yourself and then realize that it is either A. awesome or B. totally not going to work for you.

I carefully folded it up and put it back and picked out a color I liked and bought one! We tried it out on our first family road trip and I used it in the yard and around the house before then. Now, I wouldn't leave the house without it (we actually did on accident once - and wish we had it!). Such a life-saver in those moments where she wants to be close but you need both arms.

I like the size, I like how snug she is in it and how her arms are free. I like how I can adjust the position to be on one hip or other really easily. She can even shift to be right in front of me - helps my back. There is a way to have her on your back too but I haven't tried that yet. I like look - it is reversible and how it doubles as a nursing blanket. I love how easy it is to put on and how easy it is to take her in and out of it.

And best of all - it has Delaney's approval! :)

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Joanna said...

I'm all about babywearing- I'm glad you discoved this pouch sling!

For us, the Moby wrap was great for when E was itty-bitty, but I use it less now. The Ergo is my go-to, never-fail carrier. I couldn't figure out the ring sling when he was little, but now that he can sit on my hip, I've found it works well and is much lighter weight than the Ergo! I can nurse in the ring sling and Moby, but I'm not good at it.