Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tupperware Terror

It wasn't me!
Ok, maybe it was me!

I have found a way to keep baby happy in the kitchen - just open the tupperware cabinet and you are golden for at least a half an hour...chop those onions, brown the meat...dinner is ready and baby is entertained! :) She cannot open the cabinets yet - I open them for her...I need to reorganize that cabinet on a regular basis anyways. :)


Rosemarie said...

So cute! But wait ... is she standing?!

Stacy said...

Oh yeah! She LOVES to stand! :) Ever since she was itty bitty...the exersaucer was our savior because she always wanted to be upright! Exersaucer, baby bjorn carrier, jenny jump up - anything to get upright. :)