Saturday, June 4, 2011

7 (Almost 8 Now) Month Update

Wow! Time is flying!

7 Months
Started crawling
Pulls herself up using things
Became a crawling pro
Stands up without needing to pull up on something
Flashes big smiles
Wrinkles her face in excitement and kinda shrieks
Go Go Go
Can crawl up a few steps
Can walk across the room pushing her little walker toy
Still loves cat/dog toys more than her own
Kitty is still her favorite - gets so excited when she is around
Can hyper-crawl (so fast!)
Loves soft microfiber type material...especially blankets, helps her fall asleep
Car rides are still rough going if she is tired or hungry or just been in the car too long
Loves to explore the house - bookshelves, under tables, everywhere
Wants put down when outside - doesn't mind the feel of grass under her feet
Got a splinter from the deck :(
Plays in her kiddie pool outside on the deck
Experienced her first sprinkler (mommy is teaching her out to drink the sprays) :)
Dogs and cat are still the funniest people she knows
Can dance - so cute to see this baby boogie! (dance, dance, dance, Delaney!)
Bath time is still fun time - loves sucking on wash rags and mr fish in particular - bubble baths are fun too - why can't she catch those guys?!
Walker, jumper etc are phasing out...hardly put her in those anymore...though they come in handy to keep her immobile for a moment or two
Can carry toys/objects around with her while crawling
Still loves the can pull off the extender pieces and carry them around
There is nothing quite like splashing in the dog bowl...dunno why mom keeps taking that away
Paper, tissues, mail are for nomming
Naps are either 10-20 min or 1-2 hrs
Still breastfeeding!
Loves her fruits


Joanna said...

She's doing great! I can't believe she can stand up without pulling up on anything! Sounds like she keeps you busy just keeping up with her.

Rosemarie said...

She is really advanced! Wesley just started doing the crawling, pulling up and cruising bit and while I love to see him develop - he's way more of a handful now! Anyway, she sounds like she is doing great!Take care and have fun this summer!