Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Are Our Neighbors Doing??

I am tempted to start a new series on my blog called "What Are Our Neighbors Doing??" Because honestly, I am always wondering just what the heck is going on over there across the lawn, across the street and next to us. I am sure they are thinking the same thing as every month or so we lug out boxes of clothes and things for goodwill with our car so packed that it looks like we are moving out or when I linger about the yard with my camera snapping pictures of my flowers and house.

But seriously, this warrants a picture for your sake, but I haven't quite gotten myself into the idea of leaning in our upstairs window to get a shot for you because knowing my luck they will see me. But maybe this post will provoke me enough to do so.

So, we have new neighbors behind us... and there was a little deck with railings in the yard that the previous neighbors had put in - probably not with HOA permission which I am sure resulted in various letters of warning and threats when the new neighbors moved in and the HOA finally noticed there was a deck on the back of the house. Well, one of the first things they did was rip up the deck.

Then a tarp when down in the middle of the lawn held down with milk jugs filled with water and bricks. I am assuming that this is to kill the grass? Maybe for a garden next summer? Woohoo fellow gardeners! :)

But as the months have progressed (they moved in last summer) more milk jug-laden tarps have gone down until the ENTIRE back yard is now covered with blue, black and grey tarps. Lovely.

So what are they doing??

Are they killing off the old grass to completely start over and reseed in the spring? They started back in the fall...they don't seem to have kids or pets who would actually use the backyard and I never actually SEE them in other parts of the yard landscaping or anything - so why this urge to kill the grass? Hmm? Any ideas?


Momma Val said...

Very weird! I have no idea what that means. Maybe their yard floods and then it goes in their basement or drives the ants in? We get horrible standing water in our yard and then ants come in our house. We joke about getting a pier in our yard so we can use the backyard during the wet season. Grass killing? Hmmm. Never heard of that method. Maybe they planted seed in the fall and now they are trying to get a headstart growing it? Sorry can't help ya but I would wonder too :)

TMC said...

My guess is killing grass b/c I use the same method. That aside, you're the kind of neighbour that scares me! Ha!!
I can't wait til I can afford to put up a privacy fence. :)

Stacy said...

We have a privacy fence - I can see the tarps over it - and I really wouldn't care what they are doing, but it's becoming an eyesore.

Momma Val said...

Wait, I had an epiphany, they are trying to signal their planet and the blue tarps are in a shape that only their kind can translate, somewhat like crop circles? Ha! lol

Karen Sue said...

synthetic putting green... every golfer's dream/lust