Monday, February 1, 2016

Burn off Cabin Fever at the Urban Chalkboard (Admission Giveaway)!

With the temperatures taking a bit of plunge finally this winter season, cabin fever has been kicking in at our household. This mama isn't wanting to get outside much, but the cooped up kiddos are starting lose their cool. Thankfully, we have lots of indoor options of get out and burn a little of that energy off.

One of our favorite places to keep in the cabin fever avoidance rotation is just a short 30 min north of us (think quick car nap on the way up and back = score!) in Carmel - the Urban Chalkboard. Hoping one of these days a brilliant mama will take it upon herself to open one of these great concepts on our side of town, but in the meantime we don't mind the short jaunt on 465 it takes to get there. Well worth the admission cost and the drive.

What makes Urban Chalkboard so wonderful is the staff, the food, the size of the facility, and the many enrichment activities. From the train table to the dress up corner, an area for littles under 18 months, a reading nook under a tree, a playhouse and kitchen and tubes, balls, dinosaurs and more - there is something for every toddler taste. The layout makes it easy for you to sip your coffee (sooo good) and keep an eye on your kiddos while the amazing staff helps -- giving any tired mama the much needed moment to sit and breathe for a moment.

There is even great programming included from sensory play to baby raves complete with disco lights, bubbles, glow sticks and awesome music!

Matt and I pretty successfully wrote our 2014 Christmas cards out on a visit to the Urban Chalkboard - it worked out well!

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Amy Parsons said...

Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! I've been taking my LO to the mall for cabin fever and it's getting old quick!

Taylor Wiley said...

This looks awesome never even heard of this place ! I am always looking for fun dying to wear out my toddler ! Thanks for this !

Mrs. Hornsby said...

We LOVE The Urban Chalkboard!! The snickerdoodle coffee is the best :)

Kendra said...

I've been wanting to take my daughter there!

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