Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Adventures in Cosleeping: Side Car Solutions

Granted this rubbermaid tote side car idea doesn't actually get used a whole heck of a lot. But at least it is there and does expand our bed another couple feet. Either way both girls prefer to be snuggled up close but on certain nights this make-shift side car toddler bed has come in quite handy.

We tried a couple of different ideas before this one. First we tried just the pack n play pulled up close since our youngest naps in it anyways. But no that didn't work for bedtime. Then I took apart and hauled in the crib frame with the front open and pulled next to the bed...and that probably would have worked if not for the style of crib frame that curves out at the sides creating a good 3-4 inch gap instead if being able to be flush against our mattress.

So it was on to plan c or d at this point. Ainsley was transitioning from sleeping in a cosleeper to next to me and big sis in the middle of the bed. This was no Bueno in big sis's mind so the sidecar was a way for her to still be able to cuddle up to me...little sis on the left big sis on the right. 

And at the time I was finally packing away tubs of maternity clothes and winter clothes. The two tasks sort of came together! Tote platform! Perfect height!

We have three equal height tubs holding up a crib mattress so it sits flush against our king sized bed. Family bed at its finest! :) 


Zoe @TEFL said...

I think the size is not enough for your kid and the base need to be harder and stronger to support kids' weight.

Stacy said...

It worked for when we needed it. Now both kiddos prefer being right in the middle of the bed. :)