Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Summer Bucket List

Always seems like summer is over before I have a chance to blog about our bucket list. This year especially - felt like we waited for warm weather that never really came.

1. Creek stomping: did this at a local park where we celebration our 10th anniversary with dinner grilled out at the park just like we did on one of our first dates.

2. Grill out dinner at a park - Note to self, remember towels or napkins, bug spray, something for the baby to sit in and matches or a good lighter haha! Dinner was excellent though once we finally got it going. Also pick a table in the shade - and bring a table cloth.

3. Farmers market with the family - this still needs checked off!

4. Playdates at the park - thankful for Gina with the Franklin Playdate Group for getting this accomplished!

5. Busy Bag Swap

6. Potholes near Attica - been on our list for a while and finally made it!

7. Indiana State Fair or local fair

8. Using up tomatoes and garden produce - here's to BLTs, pizza toppings, and bruschetta!

9. Sleepover up north visiting family

10. Blueberry picking (check)! Note that toddlers really are not so much into blueberry picking....or strawberry picking - or anything involving excessive heat, bugs and not being able to eat the berries right away.

11. Strawberry picking

12. Community pool visits

13. Splash pad visits

14. Sprinkler or slip n slide backyard fun

15. watertable fun on the deck

16. Planting pots of annuals for the patio

17. Movie in the Park

18. Zoo trip



Now on to our fall bucket list!!

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