Thursday, February 13, 2014


"Oh no! My hands are cracked!"

(She is just now noticing and referring to the lines on her palms and also that her skin is so dry from this brutal winter. She originally wanted a bandaid or "bandage" as she refers to them as for the cracks. Ha!)


"Delaney, who is your new friend at daycare?"


"Angry? Is she mad? Or is that her name?"

"That is her name."


(Turns out her name is Avery and, small world that it is, she is the child of someone we went to high school with!)


Also "Octopus" can be easily confused with "Apple Purse" :) 

Daddy and Delaney were having craft time and he asked her what she wanted him to make her out of the craft paper. And she said an Apple Purse - so that is what he made...and she told him no and took it from him and cut the bottom all up (for legs) :) 

It wasn't until a few days later when he was retelling me the story that we put it together. 

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