Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Pancake Attempt

So I always get a little too excited about ideas like Santa Pancakes and end up forgetting very important elements like say....spraying the pans with Pam before trying to make said santa pancakes. Or only having one good squirt bottle for the colored batter so for the rest I am scrambling for any sort of squeezy receptacle - i.e. piping tips and frosting bags, even my easy accent decorator from Pampered Chef.

Really you need just plain old condiment squirt bottles - and I have three but could only find one. At least I thought I had three - maybe not. I dunno now.

So anywho - one pancake out of like 6 turned out ok. And by "ok" I mean that the whipped cream hid all the flaws and made it look decent. Haha!

Here's evidence of the other not so cutsey the end I was just making round pancakes with swirled colored batter - looked like Christmas Pancakes Gone Crazy - sadly I didn't take a picture of those before my hubby ate them. :)

Still - overall - a tasty treat for Christmas morning memories!

Here is how I thought they would turn out in my head...well, where my inspiration came from anyways:

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