Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pothole Damage? How to File a Claim in Indiana

This info is not the easiest to find, so I thought I would share once I had managed to finally figure out all the steps. Lots of things I found said to call a number to file a tort claim or how to file it but not the actual form. Well, dear readers I have found said form! Good grief it shouldn't be so hard to find this info!

Downloadable/Printable Notice of Tort Claim Form
Provided by the State of Indiana - Office of the Attorney General

Note: You will need copies of two estimates and a copy of the paid bill for any repairs. (a new tire and a new rim in my case) And the exact location of the loss (include county, nearest crossroad, & town) - On ramp to southbound I-65 from E Southport Road - avoid at all costs! Major MAJOR pothole. Sigh. Happy Birthday me. :/

P.S. The form has to be mailed by CERTIFIED or REGISTERED mail.

P.P.S. You only have 270 days after the loss to file a claim. And keep a copy of everything you send - including the certified/registered mail receipt.

Other Info Deemed Interesting:

Pothole Repair Fact Sheet for 2011 

Info about Potholes on the Indiana State Government Website
(notice how they give a phone number to call about the tort claim instead of a link to the actual form - shady. AND how the potholes link simply reroutes to the mayor's action center)


TMC said...

Very useful info. I'm glad to be out of that mess. :)

Unknown said...

Helped a lot, Thank you