Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 Weeks

Two words for any new parents out there.

Works wonders when rocking, eating, singing, swinging, reading, dancing, bouncing, bathing, clean diaper, not too cold or hot, walking, cuddling, burping, holding just won't quite work to calm the insanely intense out-of-nowhere screams. 

We set the radio to the static inbetween stations, turn it up so it is louder than a vaccuum and watch our screaming newborn melt into a calm peaceful babe. So nice! Especially during her fussy (aka scream for no reason time) at night (roughly 6PM-11PM give or take) and during car rides which our baby hates with a passion as well as her car seat. Oy! ;)

P.S. Thought this crying pic fit the topic perfect. :)

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Rosemarie said...

They call the 6-11PM crying fir the "witching hour!"

For Wes we found that all his crying was due to hunger. I wasn't feeding him often or enough (and I was bf'ing). Once we started feeding him more (and I had to supplement formula and are now only on formula - which I don't recommend) he is much better. He sleeps better and doesn't cry nearly as much.

Also gas could be a problem too for them -- we had to switch formula.

Why she doesnt like the car seat .... I don't know. Wes actually enjoys car rides and falls asleep easy. He likes being strapped down in something. He loves the Moby -- oh, try that to calm Delaney down...

Ok maybe I should just email you back all this!