Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Am The Crazy Neighbor Lady

Yup, that's me. I walked our two dogs today after work and that seems normal enough, right? Well, I also took a bag with me and picked up all the recyclables I found along my walk. By the end of my walk my bag was full and I was tripping over the dog's leash and struggling to keep them from bounding happily into oncoming traffic while I stooped to pick up a discarded soda can or water bottle. I must have chose the optimal time to take my walk, because at least twenty cars went by and each one had to slow down to check out what I was doing...not to mention the neighbor lady who stood out on her back porch with her arms crossed disapprovingly trying to assess what I was up to the whole time. LOL! I just cannot stand how people are so inconsiderate of the world we live in that they can just throw their recyclables out their car windows. Especially when we have free pick-up and even huge canisters for our recyclables. Can it be any easier? Apparently not.

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